The Tap On The Kitchen Wall

As I mentioned on face book, there is a tap in the middle of one wall of the kitchen. When I turn it on, I hear water hiss and dribble like it is escaping, so then I turn it of because it doesn’t sound good.

Tonight, while making pasta and sauce for dinner, I investigated.

I didn’t throw caution to the wind. Instead, I used a torch!

My phone has a torch on the end. It’s the worst phone I have ever owned, and has made me re-asses my simple and to now effective “Nokia only” phone policy. It does have a torch though, and this is brilliant.

When I turn on the tap for a little while and then turn it off because it sounds wrong, the sounds seem to come from below the tap, behind the fridge, and underneath the microwave. So I moved the microwave aside, and behind it is a grill in the work surface above the back of the fridge. There’s lots of hotness coming out of the grill from the fridge’s radiator. Poor fridge. I think it would like more ventilation.

But the grill does let me shine my light in and see what’s there. And what’s there, in the wall, is a hole. When I turn the tap rather gingerly on, hissing and dribbling noises start, and then water comes out of the hole.

It’s not a pipe coming out of the wall, you should understand. It’s a hole in the wall. A hole like you might find in a sea defence wall on the side that the beach is on to let rain water drain through from the side that the road is on. It’s just a hole. And when you turn the tap on, water comes out of it, as if there’s a storm on the road. Very useful if you want to close the doors and windows, and turn the flat in to a swimming pool, but otherwise – curious.

The past sauce is outrageously salty. I didn’t add any salt. It’s all come from the chunky bacon stuff I put in to it. But it’s still jolly nice, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll continue eating it now. I think the cheese I put on top has had time to melt.

Good night.


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