Boule by the Rhein & The Electric Cart Disco

I was just leaving the office.

Outside there is a big strip of gravel that I’d not noticed until tonight. Then there’s a wide band of grass that drops down to a path by the river. It’s a lovely warm evening today, and on the gravel are twenty of so people, in several teams, playing boule.

They’ve got some crates of beer, and very tidy lines scuffed in to the gravel by foot, I think. The game is being played with great friendliness and enthusiasm, but is clearly being taken quite seriously too, as there are rulers in use.

Possibly I’m going mad… No, not a return of the pedal bar. This time a disco passed by, down on the path by the river. A disco on an electric cart. I could tell it was electric, because I could hear the motors.

I will call it “The Electric Cart Disco”.

There was a bloke at the front driving. I think it might have been his disco, so I expect he was also DJing, and perhaps if people joined in, compèring. Certainly, no one else who might have owned it was in chase. I’ve never had a disco on an electric cart before, but I think if someone else drove off on it, I’d chase them. Unless I hired it or lent it to them, perhaps. It was being happily chased by a small girl though, but I don’t think it was hers.

It had lots of light ropes hanging up, a glitter ball going round, and a PA system playing country. It hasn’t particularly registered with the boule players, or the people sitting and relaxing on the grass. It looks like this kind of thing happens quite a lot.

It and he have gone now. In the same direction as the pedal bar, as it happens, but that’s probably an insignificant coincidence.

Maybe if I sit here a bit longer, something else will happen.


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