Bikes, In-lines and Trams

That’s mostly how people travel here. And walking. There are so many people on bikes, and lots of them are Mums with their children in baby seats on the back.

I’ve not seen any busses. I hear trains, going over a bridge near to my flat, but I’ve not actually seen them. There are cars as well, but lots of people aren’t using them, which is nice.

For some reason, I find the roads here really difficult to cross. I don’t think it’s just because people are using the other side.

I think it might be that in most places there is a cycle lane that is either on the road, or on the pavement. I’ve seen a few signs that show pedestrians and bikes are supposed to politely stick to their particular lane, but most of the time, I’m not sure which part I’m supposed to use.

Yesterday, for example, I realised that I’d completely misunderstood one such sign, and that the bit I thought indicated “No Bike In This Bit, Please!” actually meant “This Part Is For Bikes, Please”. The pavements often use two types of surface, like two colours and shapes of brick. I’m pretty sure these are denoting lanes, rather than just being artistic as I first thought, but which lane is which?

There are some parts that look like pavement too, but turn out to actually be roads. And of course, there are tram tracks.

At crossings, the person, bike / in-line, car lanes, and tram tracks all cross. This seems chaotic, but in a city where everyone waits for a green light before crossing, even when the road is quite empty, I’m sure there is a system in place that has escaped me.

As I cross, I’m never sure where to look out for the trams, bikes, people on in-lines, possible first bus encounters and of course cars.

Even when I wait for a bit and cross when nothing’s in sight, I feel like something’s going to spring out at me, and often enough, something does.


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