It’s all coming together

This evening, I pretty much finished the last few significant lines of code required for Couch to 5 K, now renamed “Get Running”! It’s a brilliant feeling to have finally got here, and to be pretty damn sure that the whole thing actually works!

Okay – yes, there’s still quite a bit to do, but most of it really is there now, and what is left is mostly tuning style sheets and tweaking colours to make thing look lovely (I hope).

My brother, Sam, came to stay with Misa, Robi and myself at the weekend, so as well as him doing some baby sitting for us while we went to see the new Star Trek (which was damn good fun), we had a good chance to chat about the Get Running artwork, and try ideas out together.

Just before Sam left on Tuesday (to finish his stay in London by trying out a Recumbent Bike in Dulwich Park), Sam played me an audio check, hot out of the email pipes, recorded by a friend of his back in Norwich. I’m really happy with the results, and so they’re going to go ahead and record a complete script this weekend, which will provide a voice for the male running coach.

In the meantime, I’m meeting up with a friend Clare, and her husband Rico tomorrow. Clare has a wonderful Irish accent, and her husband is a musician with a whole lot of sound recording experience, and together we’ll record the audio for the female running coach character.

Before any of this sound recording can go ahead, I need to finish writing at least a semblance of a real script, so that is my work for tonight!


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