Run 1

I went out last night with an almost new iPod touch containing the latest cut of my Couch25K software and a brand new pair of really cheap trainers and, and I did my first run!

It was brilliant! I think I’m about as unfit as I expected, as the 8 runs of just 1 minute had me pretty wiped out by the end! To anyone who runs regularly, this must sound hilarious, but for me it was a real challenge, and I felt incredibly happy at the end that I had seen my way through it. I think it got difficult at about the 5th run, where I was heading back homeward up a very slight hill. The 6th was a little hard too, but after that the last two, 7 and 8 weren’t too hard (perhaps because they were on the flat).

I’m so impressed with the trainers. I went out to buy just about the cheapest pair I could find, having read that cheap trainers are as good as expensive ones, and spent 40 quid in the end. They have absolutely amazing cushioning in the heel. It’s like running about on huge springs 🙂

I’m actually looking forward to running again Tomorrow!

*satire* But enough about running – the really important thing is that the software worked near flawlessly, and was actually extremely helpful!

It was great being able to look at the screen and review how far I’d got and what I was supposed to be doing. For the most part I simply followed the voice cues telling me when I should jog and when I should run.

I’ve added a feature instructing me to turn round at the half way point, and that also worked really well, getting me back to almost exactly my starting point.


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