Audio Time

Today I’m going to work on C25K’s audio. I woke up at about 4.00 in the morning… no, Robi woke Misa and I up at about 2.00, so we let him get in to bed with us and fall asleep. I gave up trying to sleep at 4.00. That’s how it was.

I thought for a while about a game I want to write as a project at some point after C25K, and then decided that as I wasn’t falling asleep again, I’d go and do some work. I managed to sneak off in to Robi’s deserted bedroom and work out the screen play (is that they right expression?) for the runs of the first week of C25K before having breakfast.

I’m going to spend this morning recording the audio segments, and try to put together a dead simple app that can play them. At this point, it’s prototype and feasibility evaluation. I expect to scrap pretty much all of this work (except for perhaps the wording of the audio). I’m hoping that I can find someone with a nicer and more interesting voice than myself to provide the voicing, and I know that my first cut of code is going to blow.

For anyone interested in the details, I’m going to be using Audacity for the sound recording and editing. I’ve no idea if its actually any good, but there was a FLOSS podcast about it, and it sounded cool. Oh – I just found this Collection of manuals for open source software which includes a manual for Audacity that could well be useful.

I’m getting quite excited about C25K. I need to check that the audio really works well, and the only way to do that is to start running again myself using it. With luck, I’m going to be able to borrow an iPod Touch this weekend, and then I can start running next week with a simple audio demo playing. I just need to get some running shoes, and hope that the weather holds up 🙂

As I write this, I am literally sitting on a couch with my laptop, and not feeling too healthy. Perhaps my current unfitness is going to be an asset, as I’ll be able to empathise properly C25K’s users, and really make sure that it is appropriate to them!


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