Misa and I made sourdough bread earlier, and I just tried a piece with some vegan Pate she made at the weekend, and a good scrape of very not vegan butter. It was fantastically scrumptious!

We’ve tried sourdough before, and it was never especially successful. In the end, we accidentally ate our sourdough starter to death, so the experiment ended. Some friends came over from the Czech Republic last weekend, bringing a new sourdough starter with them. While here, they taught us how to make bread from it.

I’m pretty sure that bringing a yeast colony in to the country is a violation of the import laws on food, but no one seemed to mind. Besides, this particular sourdough starter is descended from one first incubated fifteen years ago, so if it was going to make a bid for world domination, I think it would have done it by now.

I think we need to make the bread a few more times before I can claim success, but the first effort is lovely (even after some initial worry that the starter didn’t seem to be rising). Once we’ve got the formula down pat, I’ll put it here.


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